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Our recruitment solutions will help you not just hiring the right candidate but also help in administering the right organizational and cultural fit.


 We offer specialized recruitment services for niche markets, while also enabling companies to source and recruit the best talent in the minimum time possible.


ATS-friendly resume writing services for talented candidates; ensuring they are shortlisted and placed swiftly in their dream companies.

Training & Development

We also have a dedicated training facility that provides corporate
training, K12 training, seminars, events, webinars, and community
forums for enhanced upskilling and grooming of young talent.


Executive Hiring

Specialized recruitment service used for sourcing candidates for Executive, Technical, or other highly specialized positions in your organization.

Lateral Hiring

Senior-level recruitment services with experienced and skilled candidates with adequate managerial experience.

Intelligent Hiring

Dedicated lateral recruitment team with a multi-level approach to source the best talent across functional and behavioural competencies.

Competency-based Hiring

Structured repository of online competency-based assessment tools for mapping a specific functional competence in candidates and effective screening.

Contingency Hiring

Support for third-party screening and evaluation of the best candidates for certain positions, improving the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Turnkey Hiring

Specialized Turnkey recruitment support for companies recruiting in bulk across several verticals within a short period.

Volume Hiring

Volume or bulk recruitment for a specific location or designation within a short time for faster hiring of the best talent.

Time-based Bulk Hiring

Organized time-bound approach to fulfil bulk recruitment requirements of companies, resulting in an efficient recruitment process.


ATS-compliant and HR-approved Resume

Resumes are written keeping in mind ATS parsing and are approved by HRs for ensuring complete compliance.

Online Profile Optimization

Optimization of online profiles such as LinkedIn profile, for an enhanced first impression.

The Human Touch

Carefully curated word usage to ensure the human touch and keep the personal human communication alive.

Application Letters

Writing of application letters such as cover letter, resignation letter, and more for an impactful effect.

Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio development including Executive Bios, resume design, and more.


We also have a dedicated training facility that provides corporate training, K12 training, seminars, events, webinars, and community forums for enhanced upskilling and grooming of young talent.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills enhancement with in-depth basics to complex information processing and handling.

Confident Public Speaking

Public speaking training for enhanced confidence and improved body language while speaking to an audience.

Campus to Corporate Transformation

Training for transforming the individual from a ‘student’ to a ‘professional’, preparing them for success.

Voice & Accent Training

Advanced training for voice modulation and accents for developing truly world-class communication.

Impactful Presentation Preparation

Coaching professionals to provide presentations that make an impact on the audience and make them act.

Persuasive & Leadership Communication

Development of actual interaction strategies used by leaders for effective and persuasive communication.

Storytelling Coaching

Training on storytelling to make your audience listen to your communication through the medium of relevant stories.

Listening & Empathy Skills

Enhanced communication with effective listening and empathy skills to enable improved sociability.

Critical Thinking Enhancement

Improved development of critical thinking for enhanced analysis and informed decision-making.

POSH Training

Coaching on Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) to ensure a safe and secure workplace for everyone.

Leadership Training

Enhanced leadership training for meticulously moulding the leaders of tomorrow and preparing them for success.

Soft Skills

Soft skills training for improved corporate behaviour, making an impact on key stakeholders.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution training for effective resolution of conflicts among employees as well as between employees and the company.

Training Services

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